Self-Defense / Krav Maga

Self-Defense / Krav Maga

Self-Defense / Krav Maga

The Art of Self-Defense


Resilient Kids

Self-Defense / Krav Maga

Self-Defense / Krav Maga

Overcoming bullying


Women Empowerment

Self-Defense / Krav Maga

Women Empowerment

Empowerment through Self-Defense

Self-Defense / Krav Maga


Working with Noam

Noam is a certified Self-Defense and Krav Maga instructor with nearly 20 years of experience practicing and teaching.

You Can!

Noam's unique method of training incorporates the mind with the physical practice of self-defense in order to achieve the best results in any situation that may arise. It is based on our instinct and no previous martial arts experience is required. You will learn that you don't have to be big and strong to be able to defend yourself. Everybody can defend themselves!

Invest in Yourself!

The training will teach you useful life-skills and how to respect your personal space, be in control, avoid unwanted situations,knowing where the ’red line’ is and when to react if needed. You will build a stronger, more confident character while improving your overall fitness and health.


"Noam is a well experienced Krav Maga and Self-Defense instructor.
I recommend him as an honest person, super professional and great teacher. He's the best". Maor

"Noam is passionate about his work and was able to transmit it to the group. Now they feel empowered and safe knowing they can react if needed". Chantal

"Noam is an excellent teacher with a real wide breadth of knowledge. I feel safer knowing how to defend myself and more confident in myself". David

Resilient Kids


Overcoming Bullying


Noam is an anti-bullying expert and  has developed a unique technique that can help solve and reduce bullying. 

The technique applies for both - the bully and the one that is being bullied.

Body & Mind


The key to solve bullying is by “Learning through Movement”; 

Understanding the value of the kid's personal space and protecting it, avoiding unwanted situations and learning when is the right time to defend yourself.

Resilient Kids!

As for October 2018, we have 100% success in overcoming bullying situations!

The kids feel safer, happier, more social and productive at school.


"I was bullied at school .Before the training I hated myself. Now, I love myself. No one is bullying me anymore!" . Leo

"I am feeling ready for any situation. Nothing can surprise me!". Nicolas

"As a pediatrician, I strongly recommend 'Resilient Kids' program". Dr. Leder

Women Empowerment


Strong Mind

One of the best feelings is knowing that you can be resilient - in your mind and physically - and that NO one can harm you.  

With experience training hundreds of women, Noam found that the most efficient way to empower women is through Self-Defense education.

Prevention & Recovery

The real prevention and recovery goes through physical practice of Self-Defense. It builds the necessary courage and confidence to say "NO". Knowing you are strong enough to protect yourself will prevent possible future harassment and will help boost the recovery process.

Feeling Safe Again!

 The results are outstanding. Women feeling empowered and safe, knowing that they have a safer future, that they know how to defend themselves and their loved ones.


"Noam's training totally saved and changed my life!". Tanya

" Wow! Impressed and inspired by Noam and his powerful Self-Defense training. This guy is such a focused powerhouse, a true warrior of light". Laura

"Our training was very enlightening and useful, I was aware how powerful simple defense strategies can be and how easily you can learn to defend yourself against common harassment and attacks ". Dr. Babajide

Noam Halfon

Noam started learning and teaching Self-Defense and Krav Maga from a very young age. He was a commander in an elite Special Forces army unit, and a government security officer.

The Right Person

Noam found that his skills and knowledge are beyond useful to people. 

He started it all from his willingness to help as many people as possible to feel safe.

Noam operates locally and internationally.